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Teacher with face mask welcoming children back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

It’s time to LearnUp

Since the Corona virus starting spreading around the globe, we have been facing challenges we never thought we would have. In this “VUCA world”, our health, our businesses, our education systems, and our daily lives seem to have become more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambigious than ever before. How did we react?

We made an extra effort to adapt. We made an extra effort to think in solutions, to move out of our comfort zones, and make choices we never though we´d make. And although the pandemic has by no means cleared out, we have already seen powerful results, leaps in innovation, and more and more willingness to learn and find ways to tackle the challenges we are facing: teachers are using simple technology to run their classes, connecting remote learners with in-class students in a fun and meaningful way. Companies are training their teams via zoom to better tap their potential, hone their skills, and use their creativity and talent to solve challenges. This empowerment approach is what we call learning up.

We can choose to sit out the crisis. We can also to choose to move forward and help rethink and redesign our future. The direction is clear, the time is now.

Learning and growth is all about moving, seeing new things, and exploring solutions.

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