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Ready for connected class? Some do´s and dont´s for remote students

Here are some basic and best practices we encourage remote students to follow to ensure a smooth connected class learning experience.

  1. Set-up
    Test all technology before your classes, including video, audio, and Wifi connection.
  2. Learning space
    Ensure good lighting (not too dark or bright), a neutral/orderly background, and a quiet learning space ideal for concentration.
  3. Punctuality
    “Check-in“ 5-10 minutes before the class begins.
    Know your timetable and come prepared with all your materials.
  4. “Common courtesy“
    Remain muted while your teacher or students are presenting or speaking.
    Don’t interrupt other people while they are speaking (or attempt to speak over them).
    Don’t work on other tasks during class.
    Remove/turn off all distractions and other devices.
    Remember: here will be regular breaks!
  5. Feedback
    Make sure to give feedback to your teacher or fellow students if things are not running smoothly.
    Don´t be afraid to speak up during class if there are problems with audio or video. What matters most, is that YOU can see and hear.
    Connected learning requires joint efforts, so feel free to share ideas for improvement!

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